School and Language Course

The Academy more sensitive regarding the education of the young athlete and promote educational courses in public schools and modular courses for the Italian language in a private school. The College school is the G. Garibaldi College and the private school for the Italian language is the Dante Alighieri.

Giuseppe Garibaldi College

The members of the annual Francesco Totti Academy course will study and will be lodged at the G. Garibaldi College. The G. Garibaldi College is an outstanding school with great characteristics. This institute represents a real natural oasis inside Rome. The whole complex has an extension of 67 hectares. It includes different structures such as: a library with more than 10.000 books concerning technical, scientific, national and international literature subjects. It has a Physics laboratory, a computer room with a specialized assistant, internet room, chemical and linguistic laboratory, class-rooms dedicated to technical design, natural and multimedia science, TV hall, a sport center and other recreational spaces. The institute has a canteen available. The food is healthy and studied according to rigid hygienic criteria. The meals are cooked inside the college by specialized staff. The college guarantees to each participant: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Athletes who have particular exigencies can ask for different treatment at the moment of the registration. Moreover, the students will have six halls dedicated to the study and recreation available. There is a hectare of land with avenues, gardens and a soccer pitch, and, If requested, the possibility to use structures for volleyball, basketball and gym. There will be further activities such as Arts, Music and Theatre laboratories. The participants will be lodged in comfortable rooms with a maximum of 2/3 beds. Each Athlete has his own closet, desk and bed linen. The cleaning of the lodging houses is carried out periodically. Inside the accommodation it is foreseen the medical assistance. Inside the structures it is foreseen a laundry service for every kind of clothes. The college has always welcomed students coming from all over the world.

Dante Alighieri – School of Italian Language

The member of the monthly Francesco Totti Academy course and the campers will study at the “Istituto Dante Alighieri” and where is possible teachers will reach the athletes at the Sporting Center to teach the Italian Language module courses. The “Istituto Dante Alighieri”, founded in 1923 and certified by the “Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione”. This institute was one of the first structures dedicated to the world spreading of Italian language.
The didactic method is the result of the strong experience of Italian teaching to foreigners: the student is constantly stimulated to think about linguistic and grammatical mechanism, through a communicative approach. The aim of the courses is to obtain the total development of the skills, taking care of the ease grammatical expression. In a short time the student will be able to interact in different situations: both ordinary or business world. An entrance examination, at the beginning of the course, will allow the student to be included in the most appropriate level of his linguistic knowledge. At the end of the course it’s foreseen another examination with relative “Certificate”.

Dante Alighieri’s certificates are classified according to European levels (A1, A2 – B1, B2 – C1, C2).
BEGINNER: Certificate (0);
INTRODUCTORY LEVEL: Certificate of Italian language (A1);
ELEMENTARY LEVEL: Certificate of Italian language (A2);
INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: Diploma of Italian language (B1);
ADVANCED LEVEL: Diploma of Italian language (B2);
INDEPENDENT LEVEL: Upper Diploma of Italian language (C1);
MASTER LEVEL: Upper Diploma of Italian language (C2).