Health Service

Medical Sport Examines At “Villa Stuart” Clinic

The sport medicine Institute is active since 80′s as the Italian operative affiliate to C.O.N.I. (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano). The structure carries out medical sport examines for the competitive qualification. The institute, which has a specialized medical staff, will have all the necessary equipments available for all the clinical examines foreseen by the sport laws.

Villa Stuart Clinic was the first Medical structure operating in the Lazio Region in the field of sports medicine with the operation of medical fitness for competitive sports for athletes and recreational athletes and continues to be an institution of reference for the national sports federations and the largest companies professional sports.

The athletes will be equipped with a personal card for emergency service, diagnostics, orthopedics and traumatology. The service was born from the agreement between IMS and Quisisana Villa Stuart Clinic, the only structures in Rome in which the athletes may be followed by the best specialists from diagnosis to treatment and access to a wider range of scientifically and technologically advanced services.

First examine

Basic examine (medical examine, ECG with/without strain, IRI, spirometria, urine analysis) Ergometric examine, Esame ergometrico, tele radiogramma toracico, ecocardiodoppler, esami ematochimici. Inside Villa Stuart there is the excellent service of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The best of its kind for equipments and medical assistance.