Frequently Asked Questions about F.T.A.

Q: Why train at soccer & study languages with F.T.A.?
A: F.T.A. organize high-level soccer boarding schools, soccer camps, Team camp & Tour that combine professional soccer training with language & culture immersion in order to maximize the young player’s experience abroad.

Q: What payment options do I have?
A: F.T.A. accepts bank drafts/cashier checks, bank wire. Payments must be made in full prior to the arrival of the student/athletes.

Q: Can students from outside Europe attend the camps?
A: Yes! All soccer programs are open to all players within the specific camp age ranges. Please note that acquiring a visa is at the sole responsibility of the players and their guardians.

Q: Does the price include airfare?
A: No, it does not.

Q: Are Visas required?
A: It depends on what your country of origin is . It is the student’s responsibility to acquire all necessary documentation and permissions to enter in Italy. If you need it, please contact your local embassy for information regarding visas.

Q: Is accident insurance provided?
A: Accident insurance is included for all soccer activities.

Q: Are there any camps outside of the summer months?
A: Yes, monthly course are available throughout the year any month and others can be completely customized to your needs and time constraints. The Annual soccer course and boarding school programs start in September and finish in June of the following year.

Q: What level of soccer and language do students need to attend the soccer program?
A: No specific level is required. Most athletes play in school and on a travel or club team while some players are recreational players but the majority will be quite serious players attempting to play in college (or even professionally one day)! Language: Many of our students are beginners and some have at least a year or two of experience in the language. We administer a language level test the first day of class and then place students into the appropriate class level.

Q: How much money will students need?
A: Incidental spending money for calling cards/telephone cars, coin operated laundry, souvenirs, gifts, shopping, etc. is recommended. A combination of foreign cash plus bank card (with a 4 digit PIN) would be ideal.

Q: Will someone pick them up from the airports?
A: Yes, Francesco Totti Academy representatives meet athletes at the arrival gates
get off the plane, so they do NOT have to walk through the airport by themselves
as they arrive in the destination city. For players flying directly to our camps abroad, we require a copy of the player’s flight itinerary and also digital photos in order to meet them at the baggage claim exit.

Q: How many students are allowed in the camps and the annual soccer course with boarding schools?
A: For our camps our maximum group size is 50 players they will be reunited according to their age and skills ; the minimum group size is normally 20. The academic boarding schools have a limited places 25.

Q: What is the minimum age to attend the soccer camps and also the annual soccer course and boarding school exchange programs?
A: For most of the summer camps, students must be aged between 10 and 18 years of age. We also offer course for students up to 24 years of age.

Q: What is the average age of students attending the camps and the annual course?
A: Between 13 – 16 years of age for the summer camps. For the Annual Soccer and boarding school programs, students will average between 15-21 years of age.

Q: How many girls attend your soccer camps?
A: In the last years the girls represent 20-30 of the campers.

Q: Do students receive a certificate at the end of the program?
A: Yes! Each students will receive a certificate of completion and for the “annual soccer course” a indivudial report will be issue.

Q: When staying in the hotel accommodation, can students leave the premises alone?
A: No. Designated “free time” is limited. For the most part, players are not allowed to do anything unsupervised or without the group. For athletes in a annual soccer course programs, parents can sign a waiver allowing for more free time.

Q: Can a roommate be requested?
A: We will do the possible to accommodate any roommate requests!

Q: How are the students supervised when they are not on the fields?
A: The will be a bilingual adult monitors who provide 24 hour service to the students. The staff at the camps will eat with the students and will also be sleeping in the same premises. In the event of any issue or problem, the monitors will be there to help immediately. For the annual course with boarding school, atheletes will be supervised by the school monitors.

Q: Do you provide any pre-departure information?
A: Yes, all students receive a pre-departure information package (including emergency contact information, packing check list, health insurance policy information, etc.) approximately one (1) month before departing for the program.

Q: Do the boys and girls room together?
A: They will stay in different building. Boys are not allowed to enter the girl’s rooms and vice versa. Athletes that violate this rule will be immediately expelled form the program.

Q: Is health/accident insurance provided?
A: Yes, health/accidente insurance is included for all kind of courses.