Totti Soccer School in Rome

AXA – Francesco Totti Soccer School – Rome

Francesco Totti Soccer School will develop at the “Longarina” Sporting Center, which belongs to Totti’s family since Summer 2001.
This structure is located in Ostia Antica (Rome), surrounded by the green environment of Castelfusano pine forest.

The “Longarina” Sport Center, ASD AXA Calcio headquarters, is equipped with the following synthetic soccer pitches of latest generation: n. 4 Soccer pitches [5 players]; n. 1 Soccer pitch [7 players]; n. 1 Soccer pitch [9 players]; n. 1 Regular Soccer pitch; Besides that, Francesco Totti Academy’s participants will have at their disposal: n. 2 beach volley pitches, beach soccer and tennis; 24 changing rooms; 1 infirmary /medical clinic, physiotherapy; Private gym; Conference hall; Bar/catering; mini shop.
Nowadays the Longarina Sport Center is one of the most important and well-known Centre-Italian structures; It’s easy to reach from all the main ways that connect Rome to Ostia Lido. It has 35.000 sqm of extension field.

There are many associations that collaborate with the sporting center.
They organize events, manifestations,
Tournaments and amateur championships attended by several participants. It is very important to know that the AXA Calcio Francesco Totti Soccer School boasts of more than 500 members.